Tutor — Polyglot Family


Helps students strengthen their knowledge in a chosen subject.

A tutor confidently leads the tutee to a new level of subject mastery, be it in languages or exact sciences. A tutor prepares the child or young adult for entry into a desired educational institution and the successful completion of language exams, official school examinations and entrance exams. A tutor discusses in detail his or her teaching strategy with parents so that the approach perfectly matches the child’s required pace, learning style and level of preparation. A tutor can help the student complete homework tasks related to his or her specialist subject, but the most important goal is to develop curiosity in the student and to create an inspiring atmosphere during lessons which itself leads to gaining new knowledge. A tutor regularly updates the family with the child’s progress and the stage of his or her readiness for upcoming examinations. The goal of a tutor is to markedly improve the student’s academic results and to teach him or her to approach new intellectual challenges with keen interest and an inquisitive nature.