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International Summer Camps

Spending your holidays in an international camp is a fantastic way to make friends from all across the globe, to learn about a different country in suitable way for excitable young kids (if there’s a day out, then it’ll be to Wembley Sadium), and to do what you love, whether it be football, tennis, computing or cooking. And all of this in a foreign language!

High-quality international summer camps expertly find the balance between education and entertainment. We have a wealth of experience in the selection of camps for our own children with a vast array of hobbies, and through several years of trial and personal experience we have chosen centres in the UK and Switzerland where a brilliantly fun, yet academically productive time is guaranteed. Aside from further developing their known talents, children can also improve performance in their weaker subjects and discover new leisure activities (such as archery, horse-riding and street dance).

All generations agree: the summer holidays are not only a break from school, but also a break from parents. And to spend it amongst your peers from all across the world, becoming a little more independent and self-assured in an environment made safe thanks to experienced teachers and camp entertainers, creating friendships that move to online communication in a foreign language – this is invaluable not just in terms of growing up, but also in foreign language acquisition. We help families both in their search for a camp that appeals to the child and in the registration, documentation and related logistics of the process. Parents also deserve a summer free of worry, doubt and mountains of paperwork!