Schools in England and Switzerland — Polyglot Family

Schools in England and Switzerland

In caring about the future of their child, parents often consider the possibility of sending him or her to study abroad. School education in England and Switzerland is focused upon the development of the individual, whose personal achievements create prestige for the institution. This education instills children with discipline and responsibility while fully accepting their strengths and weaknesses. Studying in an international environment allows pupils to understand other cultures, to grow up as a person without prejudice, and in the short term increases their chances of studying at the best universities in the world, including those of the Ivy League.

After initial testing and discussions with both family and child, we select a school not only with a curriculum suited to his or her aspirations, but also with a well-suited environment for personal growth. In institutions that we recommend to our clients, extracurricular life is extremely well structured and the child, alongside regular studies, can receive education in specialised fields. This can be in the form of a rigorous course in drama or art required for admission into a school of the arts, or through taking part in a team sport through which the child can represent the school competitively.

It is the achievements in extracurricular disciplines that add essential weight to a pupil’s portfolio when applying for a place at one of the world’s leading universities, and the schools we choose for this purpose traditionally have extremely high acceptance rates. Attentive tutors are always ready to support children in the process of adapting to new environments and in finding and fostering their talents.

We create preparatory programmes for entrance exams and select tutors with the right expertise, alongside undertaking the completion of all required documentation for school entry. If the family so desires, we continue to look after the child throughout their time at the school.