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Nanny for an infant
(0-8 months)

An important figure in the first months of a child’s life and a task which, in addition to caring for the child, includes instilling in him or her basic trust in the world.

A nanny for an infant is an indispensable assistant to parents in the first year of a baby’s life. A certified specialist in medicine and perinatal development, she helps the new member of the family integrate into the family’s rhythm as naturally as possible. She is an attentive, affectionate woman who is close to the baby at all times and understands him or her without words. At the same time, she fills the child’s world with words so that his or her receptive infant ear learns the sounds of a foreign language in the background. In accordance with parents’ recommendations, the nanny organises the feeding, sleeping and walking routines and follows its observance closely. She may help the parents with advice in the organisation of this schedule or may herself take full responsibility of the care of the infant while the mother is recovering. The nanny brings the baby to his or her mother during breastfeeding or prepares and gives formula milk at the appropriate times. In addition, she provides age-appropriate developmental activities for the baby, including stretching activities and infant massages. At the same time, the nanny lays the foundation of bilingualism, adjusting the child’s hearing to the perception of specific tonalities and stimulating the child towards uttering onomatopoeic words typical for the chosen languages.