Nanny (0-8 years) — Polyglot Family

Nanny (0-8 years)

Creates a stimulating and safe environment for the all-around development of the child.

Sensitive and caring, the nanny looks after children from eight months of age to eight years old while parents are unavailable. She accompanies the children at home and on walks and monitors their healthy diet, physical and intellectual development. She creates games and educational activities, oversees good-quality rest and ensures the children’s schedule is followed. The nanny is also responsible for morning and evening bathroom visits, personal hygiene procedures and the appearance of the children. She can prepare the children for entry in school through teaching them how to read and teaching them the basics of etiquette, to name some examples. The nanny provides regular reports to the parents regarding the children’s progress and the nanny consults the parents regarding all issues related to the children’s harmonious development.
Parents now more and more often declare a preference for a native speaker of a foreign language when looking for a candidate for this position. The nanny spends a significant amount of time with the children and a child’s inquisitive mind will naturally absorb the nanny’s fluent foreign speech and copy it. Therefore, the verification of qualifications, references and background of the candidate, alongside her prospective compatibility with a particular family, is a serious multi-step process that should not be neglected.