Manny (0-7 years) — Polyglot Family

Manny (0-7 years)

Supervises and takes care of charges, as well as being responsible for their pre-school education.

A ‘manny’, or male nanny, takes care of preschool-age and primary school-age children who are, as a rule, boys. The task of a manny is to provide children with a friendly and safe environment for growth and development, both physical and intellectual. A male nanny accompanies children on walks and plays games and developmental activities with the children that are appropriate for their age. His responsibilities also include the provision of basic preparation of the children for school. In close partnership with the parents, a manny organises and monitors the children’s routines for sleep, mealtimes, exercise and entertainment. As with a female nanny, a child will develop a relationship with a manny based on trust – an essential condition for the harmonious emotional development of the young child. It is suggested that children spend all of their time that is not spent with their parents with the manny. For this reason, families are increasingly hiring mannies fluent in two or more languages so that a bilingual foundation can be laid for their children.