Governor — Polyglot Family


Accompanies children outside of school, helps with lessons, organises physical and educational activities.

Educated and energetic, radiant and responsible, a governor is an excellent companion for active children. He can be a partner for both active games and board games, an advisor in friendship matters, a guardian and a trusted figure. In contrast to a nanny, a governor gives children more freedom and personal space, but not at the expense of safety and discipline. Parents note that their sons are far more comfortable with male mentors. A governor easily commands authority in the eyes of the boys, particularly those in the difficult teenage years, as he disciplines them not from a position of being older and stronger, but of being a respected equal. In the acquisition of a foreign language, the gender of the native speaker shouldn’t be underestimated – apart from essential knowledge, a governor can help children learn the vocabulary of traditionally ‘boyish’ topics, for example the details of cars or sports terminology. In the domestic hierarchy, governors take the comfortable position between the attentive older brother and the close family friend.